UnlockMyTV for PC/Mac/Windows

UnlockMyTV for PC/Mac/Windows

UnlockMyTV for PC.Do you want to watch movies on your PC rather than the TV? You can watch in your PC without any interruptions. Because when you watch from the TV, you will have to fight for a few, for example fighting for the remote with your siblings, or else the elders might not like the TV show you watch. Minor disputes might occur when you watch with a gang. So, we are going to introduce you to an app which you can install it on your PC and watch it leisurely.  It is the awesome ‘’unlockMyTV’’ app.

This app is a clone of the famous apps called Terrarium TV and Cinema HD. Anyhow, this is ad-free. Therefore, you do not want to worry about the pop-ups that annoy you. Even in a slower internet connection, this app has the ability to load movies. On the other hand, the app user has the benefit of downloading the movies. That is why so many people have fell in love for this app. Now let’s check up the mind-blowing features of this app.

All about the UnlockMyTV for PC

Let’s have a brief discussion on each and every feature of this app.

You can have the latest TV shows and movies. Isn’t that an interesting feature which you will possess? Most of people miss some chapters of their TV shows for once or twice a week. Then when they watch the next part, they get confused. But this app won’t confuse you anymore.

It has the previous and the latest episodes as well. Another feature is that you can make a request to the developers of the app about your most preferred TV shows and movies. So, if it not available at that time, for sure they will consider the matter, and make the TV show or movie available. This feature won’t be in any other app.

The second feature is High-Quality Links. You can choose the links from a variety of links. You can expect 360p, 1080p, 480p, 720p links and some other 4k links which the movie depends on the availability.

The third feature is that it has a clean UI. This has a small user interface that sticks to the app. So, this is a lightweight user interface, which will give you the best experience and a navigation system similar to the TerrariumTV and Cinema APK.

UnlockMyTV for PC

Features of unlockMyTV apk

The fourth feature is it has a variety of stuff. In here you will be offered with documentaries, Horror movies, science fiction, romance, action movies, and comedy. Even the school children can learn lot from this app. There are a number of documentaries that would help the university students to explore more on their researches. Even the university students can make use of the valuable documents in here. They will be more important when they explore more on their researches.

So, when considering the fifth feature. This is more vital. That is about the subtitles. We know that you won’t watch a foreign movie unless the subtitles won’t display. This app provides more than 250 subtitles of various languages. So you can watch any movie as you like.

The sixth is that there are no more advertisements displayed. Hope you like this feature a lot. Don’t you? So, your precious time is not wasted hereafter of those ads.

At last, in this app you will get the real debris integration for free. Therefore you can enjoy your movies with quality. On the other hand, this app also offers Trakt.TV, this helps you to keep in track with all the movies and TV shows.

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How to download UnlockMyTV on PC

Yet, this is not available in the PC’s officially but there is a simple way to install it in your PC’s.

You must download the Bluestacks Android Emulator.

  • After that, you have to install the Bluestacks android emulator on your PC. If you are using Linux, you will have to download it and install the Genymotion android emulator.
  • Now download the unlockMyTV app for the PC, in the form of an APK. Then, for some time save it in your PC.
  • Afterward, open the android emulator. (Genymotion or Bluestacks)
  • Go to the menu and navigate to ‘’Open’’.
  • Then you have to select the location of the file from the place where you saved it on the PC. After you select the location then select the file which you need to load to the android emulator and click on the done.
  • You will have to wait for some time while the installation is going on.
  • You will get notified once the installation process is over. It will say that you can use the app and the installation is finished.

This is the method to be installed in your PC. Now, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in s bigger screen.

Frequently asked questions

Both the iPhone and the Android are supported by unlockMyTV apk. But this is especially for the android users. You can install it on;

  • Android smartwatches,
  • Android tablets,
  • Windows,
  • Amazon firestick,
  • Fire TV cube,
  • Android smart TVs,
  • Kodi,
  • Andriod TV boxes and Roku streaming stick.

Is the unlockMyTV apk available in iPhone?

Yes, you can have this app on the iPhone.

Is this a safe app?

Yes, it is totally a safe app to use.

Is this app ad-free?

Yes, it is an ad-free app, which won’t annoy you a bit.

Is this free of charge?

Yes, it a free app

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